18: Confirmation Bias in Your (Fake?) News

Join us in a wide ranging discussion about confirmation bias in the news sources that we choose to follow in our everyday lives. We cover how in light of the societal shift in the US it has become important to branch out and digest sources that countervail our own opinions and to take a page out of the books of journalists and question the source and how it might spin the presentation of information.

15: Retro Foods and Selling Nostalgia

Join grad student Jackie Stein, Professor David Just and special guest Catalina Velez as they discuss retro foods and selling consumers products based on their past experiences and feelings.

07: Election Shock

In this episode grad students Jackie Stein, Jade Womack and Ceren Karacasu along with Professor David Just discuss the fallout from the 2016 US Presidential election, the reaction to the “shock” outcome of the election and why the outcome may’ve not been so far fetched as pre-election forecasts indicated.
Recorded 11-11-16