13: Eating Habits for You and Your Kids

In this episode, with guest Professor Brian Wansink, we discuss research Professors Wansink and Just have done into eating behavior and what you can in a variety of environments to help your kids and you eat healthier.

12: Advertising and Consumer Perception

In this episode, with guest Professor Harry Kaiser, we discuss advertising and consumer perception based around research Professor Kaiser did in relation to Mad Cow Disease and also we also discuss consumer perception of GMO labeling.

11: Valentines Day Gifts, a Revisit

In this episode grad students Jackie Stein, Liz Bell and Ceren Karacasu and professor David Just revisit the study done previously about the gift giving habits of people at Valentines Day and what results the expanded pool of participants reveals.

06: Holiday Eating

In this episode grad student Jackie Stein, Prof. David Just and visiting scholars Raquel Diaz and Ben Missbach discuss Thanksgiving and similar holidays that inspire increased eating of high calorie foods across the world and how to possibly adjust to a holiday diet.

04: Marijuana and Obesity

In this episode Host Roberto Figari is Joined by ’master’ PhD candidate Jeff Swigert, Professor David Just and masters student Andrew Lysaught in discussing marijuana legalization and it’s relation to obesity in the United States.
Originally published April 2016