24: Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bulbs

In this episode we are joined by MBA Student Cruise Chen to talk about bitcoin and some of the rationales as to why people invest in it. We also talk about economic bubbles and the history of how and why they form. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao and David Just.


23: Behavioral Dimensions of Food Security

Welcome back to Mad Hat Economics! Today we’re joined by Masters Student Prankur Gupta to talk about behavioral dimensions of food security and his work in India on food security and policy.

22: Behavioral Econ in Developing Nations

Today we’re joined by special guest, creator and former host of Mad Hat Economics, Roberto Figari. We discuss Roberto’s work in implementing behavioral economics strategies in developmental situations in Africa.

20: Nudging Tax Compliance

We are joined this week by Professor Bill Schulze and Masters Student Seth Olson to discuss tax compliance. We examine how to nudge people into paying taxes with injunctive norms and cover some of Professor Schulze’s previous research on taxes.
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18: Confirmation Bias in Your (Fake?) News

Join us in a wide ranging discussion about confirmation bias in the news sources that we choose to follow in our everyday lives. We cover how in light of the societal shift in the US it has become important to branch out and digest sources that countervail our own opinions and to take a page out of the books of journalists and question the source and how it might spin the presentation of information.