27: Farmer’s Preference

We are joined today by Dr. Jaap Sok of Wageningen University to discuss his recent research into farmer’s preference for blue tongue vaccinations. Hosted by Elaine Qiu, Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao and Professor David Just.


26: Technology for Health Promoting Behavior

We are joined by Professor Dan Connors of University of Colorado Denver to discuss his research on leveraging technology to increase efficiency in the healthcare system specifically in regards to fighting the opioid epidemic in the US. He also talks with us about using internet of things technology to promote better personal health. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu and David Just.

25: CEO Behavior and Corporate Decisions

Today we are joined by Professor Scott Yonker to talk about his research on CEOs impact on corporate decisions. We go into many factors about how CEOs personal background and private decision making can steer the habits of a whole corporation. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu and David Just.

24: Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bulbs

In this episode we are joined by MBA Student Cruise Chen to talk about bitcoin and some of the rationales as to why people invest in it. We also talk about economic bubbles and the history of how and why they form. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao and David Just.

23: Behavioral Dimensions of Food Security

Welcome back to Mad Hat Economics! Today we’re joined by Masters Student Prankur Gupta to talk about behavioral dimensions of food security and his work in India on food security and policy.

22: Behavioral Econ in Developing Nations

Today we’re joined by special guest, creator and former host of Mad Hat Economics, Roberto Figari. We discuss Roberto’s work in implementing behavioral economics strategies in developmental situations in Africa.