32: Data Privacy

For this episode we are joined by PhD candidate Joy Wu and Professor Aija Leiponen to discuss data privacy; how it is collected, who possess it, and should we have more power to choose how it’s disclosed. Hosted by Elaine Qiu, Yudong Rao, and Professor David Just.


31: Social Capital

Professor Lindon Robison of Michigan State University joins us today to discuss his pioneering research on social capital. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu, and Professor David Just.


28: Quinoa Craze

We are joined today by Professor Marc Bellemare of the University of Minnesota to talk about his research on the recent price spike in quinoa due to its rising popularity in many western countries as a ‘health food’ and how this rise as a viable export economically impacts those who traditionally grow and consume it. We also discuss how food staples become staples and why only eating food that indigenous to your region isn’t necessarily a good practice. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao and Professor David Just.

26: Technology for Health Promoting Behavior

We are joined by Professor Dan Connors of University of Colorado Denver to discuss his research on leveraging technology to increase efficiency in the healthcare system specifically in regards to fighting the opioid epidemic in the US. He also talks with us about using internet of things technology to promote better personal health. Hosted by Ceren Karacasu, Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu and David Just.