39: Food Waste

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Richard Swannell of WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) to discuss food waste. We talk about how we can reduce food waste by interpreting labeling and extending the life of a product. We also talk about the economic benefit of reducing food waste at home and for industries. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu, and Professor David Just.


38: Women in Leadership

For this special episode we’re joined by Dean Lynn Perry Wooten, Dean of the Dyson School to talk about the incoming Dyson class and its constitution at the undergraduate and MPS level. From there we explore the greater makeup of our fields, discus the diversity therein and how to attract a wider array of people to them. He also talk about the dearth of diversity of CEOs and in C-Suites in general except for under some notable circumstances. Finally we quiz Dean Wooten about various topics in the context of overrated/underrated (borrowed from Planet Money’s, The Indicator). Hosted by Elaine Qiu, Yudong Rao, and Professor David Just.

37: Adopting Blockchain

We are joined by Dr. Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos and visiting scholar at Columbia University, to talk about his expertise in blockchain. We cover how blockchain can be adopted to help to inform consumers about the products they consume and how it can act as reassurance in communication and transactions. We also talk about how it might be adopted at a larger scale. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Yin Yu, and Professor David Just.

36: Soda Tax

Today we’re joined again by PhD candidate Jakina Debnam to talk about sugar-sweetened beverage (soda) taxes in Berkeley, Philadelphia and elsewhere. We talk about who these taxes affect the most and the reactions to the taxes from their local populations. We also talk about how similar taxes may be levied on other goods. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu, and Professor David Just.

35: Responses to Labor Saving Technical Changes

We are joined by Professor Ravi Kanbur to talk about how technology has displaced jobs historically and is actively. We also talk about ways to account for this in our era with skilled workers, tax and transfer, and policy interventions. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu, and Professor David Just.

34: Wage Stagnation

We’re joined by Dr. Ryan Nunn of the Brookings Institute to talk about wage stagnation; what contributes to it, how it has occurred of late, how the dissemination of knowledge about wages at a firm or in a field might affect it and what impact upcoming technologies might have on it. Hosted by Yudong Rao, Elaine Qiu, and Professor David Just.